FISHINGTemple springs

There are two lakes, the upper lake is ½ acre and the lower lake is slightly larger, they are best suited to a float and bait method of fishing which is a good starting point.  As the lakes are small the fishing stands are in close proximity of each other allowing plenty of banter between anglers and a competitive vibe usually develops.  Remembering that your group will have the whole place to yourselves, you can set the pace.

The lakes are stocked to capacity for each visit.  We use triploid rainbow trout which keep their condition year round and weigh in between 1 and 3 lbs.  Catch and release is discouraged as a down side of bait fishing means that most fish will be deeply hooked.  Fish to be kept should be dispatched swiftly using suitable methods provided at the lake side.


The tackle provided comprises of a rod, reel, bait, line and floats to each angler.  Nets priest and some seating is provided at the lakeside.  There are also some fly fishing kits if anyone wants to give it a try.

If your party are fishing novices and would like an hours induction to get started, we are very lucky to have the services of Bert Atkins, a top National and International angler who has agreed to provide this service for us (well he is my father).

While fish are wild and a notoriously fickle creature, we recognise the best way to get anyone hooked on the sport and ensure they have a good day is to get them “into a fish”.  This has been at the forefront of our mind when setting up Temple Springs fishery.  The lakes are small, well stocked and angler numbers are limited, we can do no more, the rest is up to you.